Medicare Part D >> Business Intelligence

What a nebulous term!  At ECT it means – adding intelligence to your business processes to increase revenue and/or reduce costs.  The comprehensive data engine has been designed to meet your interpretation of this term.  ECT business intelligence support can include:

Fraud, Waste and Abuse:  FWA costs in so many ways:

  • Increased costs because of incorrect benefits handling
  • Internal FWA
  • Impacts of regulatory actions

Operational and procedures reviews and support:  Poor policies and procedures and/or lack of training can cause a nightmare for all concerned. Failures which can threaten the lives and health of patients are intolerable.  ECT has experience is reducing associated risks by:

  • Creating and reviewing required policies and procedures
  • Creation and delivery of training
  • A review of current operations to determine compliance with the P&P’s.

Additional services:  The following additional services can add “intelligence” to your business:

  • Review of SLA’s including those within your organization, and those with both upstream and downstream entities.  ECT’s data engine has been designed to provide analysis of this data.
  • Coordination with brokers on sales marketing and reporting
  • Management and operational reporting.
  • Data warehouse design and support is a distinctive competency of ECT as we have been involved in the design and use of data warehouse for virtually all of our customers.  Collecting and reporting on the required information can increase profitability and reduce risks associated with the Medicare business.