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These are often referred to as   Drug Utilization Evaluations (DUE).Provides ongoing review of healthcare provider prescribing, pharmacist dispensing, and patient use of medication. DURs involve a comprehensive review of patients' prescription data before, during, and after the dispensing. This ensures positive patient outcomes.

DURs are classified into three categories:

  • Prospective - evaluation of a patient's therapy before medication is dispensed
  • Concurrent - ongoing monitoring of drug therapy during the course of treatment
  • Retrospective - review of therapy after the patient has received the medication to identify trends, monitor usage and support evaluation of FWA.

Our systems manage, interpret, and improve the prescribing, and use of medications. Employers and health plans use DUR programs to lessen pharmaceutical costs for all    patients that are covered under the plan. DURs serve as a means of improving the quality of patient care, enhancing therapeutic outcomes, and reducing pharmaceutical expenditures. This reduces the overall healthcare costs.