E Computer Case Management
  • Our case management solution enables real time case management through a fully integrated database of members and providers. Our innovative platform is designed to integrate claim workflow with analytics solutions, enabling real time alerts and providing intervention solutions.
  • Our case management platform improves point of care decision-making and enables care plan collaboration between case managers, members and providers. It provides real time alerts to communicate with providers and members.
  • EC-CM includes innovation analytics solution and can be configured to identify the most risky population based on custom clinical rules. It also  provides a customizable care plan to improve members’ health and reduce healthcare costs
  • Seamless Integration of Case and Utilization management
  • End-to-end solution approach to handle Healthcare management needs
  • Reduce cost through integrated systems while increasing compliance. 
  • Configurable dashboards make data easy to view, analyze and customize complex data from multiple data sources.