E Computer Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Medications management solutions are required as part of the Affordable Healthcare Act and at E Computer Technologies, Inc we  help you exceed the increasingly demanding requirements for medication therapy management services----whether it is a Medicare Part D program, an employer sponsored MTM program, pharmacy program or improving patient awareness our solutions exceed the industry standard for the delivering on quality programs and products while achieving the requirements of the mandated “HEALTHCARE AFFORDABILITY ACT”.

EC-MTM was designed to meet and exceed governmental guidance and is intended to provide healthcare information and support to Medicare beneficiaries while optimizing therapeutic outcomes through improved medication use.  Our solution reduces undesirable events such as drug interaction or adverse drug events as well as improved medication use to promote the health and well-being of the enrollees. EC-MTM innovative framework helps you in achieving the five core elements of MTM services.

  • Medication therapy review (MTR)
  • Personal medication record (PMR)
  • Medication-related action plan (MAP)
  • Intervention and/or referral
  • Documentation and follow-up