Software Development

ECT provides high quality consultant  services and develops  software  and implementation options ranging  from individual or team-based on-site consulting, to offsite project execution, to offshore development.

On-site Consulting/Staffing Services:

ECT has assembled a dedicated team of IT consultants, technical recruiters, and account managers to deliver high quality on-site consulting services to our clients. Our on-site consulting services will satisfy all your requirements, whether you need short-term or long-term staff supplementation or you need a fully functional, specialized team to execute development projects under your direct management.

In order to ensure your satisfaction with our on-site consulting services, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We will provide you with the following:

  • Highly skilled consultants :ECT has developed a wide recruiting network that enables us to find and hire the best IT talent throughout the world. We have also spent the last six years refining our corporate policies and procedures to ensure that we retain this talent for our clients for now and in the future.
  • Dedicated account management and support:Every client of ECT is assigned a dedicated account manager with sole responsibility for ensuring that your needs are being met. Our account managers and on-site consultants are supported by an extensive internal administrative staff.
  • Consultant performance guarantee:ECT is confident in our consultant’s abilities   to deliver services that exceed client expectations.   To ensure that our clients share in this confidence, we guarantee our consultants' performance. If you should ever decide that the performance of an ECT consultant does not meet your standards, ECT we will provide an equivalent replacement for two weeks at no charge.
Offsite project development

Our outsourcing services allow you to access our dedicated team of in-house project managers and software developers to produce software according to your exact specifications. Outsourcing your software development projects to ECT allows you to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Specializations :Our in-house staff features software developers with specializations in a wide variety of software development technologies as well as industry-specific specializations in Healthcare,  Aerospace,  Telecommunications, Automotive, Media, Retail, Government and Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance : ECT utilized over 100 years of industry experience in the development of our software methodology. The central element in this methodology is ECT's quality assurance system
  • Warranty : ECT offers a 90-day defect-free warranty on all our software products develop in-house. Should a defect be found in our software during the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge.
Offshore development

We offer offshore software development outsourcing through our Indian subsidiary. ECT's offshore outsourcing services allow you to enjoy the high quality of domestically developed software while benefiting from   significant cost savings that offshore outsourcing provides. Over the last seven years, ECT has invested a great deal of effort into developing our unique offshore outsourcing model. This model relies on our offshore personnel for execution of development activities (e.g., coding and testing) while our domestic technical managers are responsible for project management, high-level development activities (e.g., requirements specification and development planning), quality assurance, and customer relationship management.

ECT's offshore software development outsourcing also offers:
  • Quality assurance : Our project managers and development staff are trained in ECT's Software Development Lifecycle and our quality management system.
  • Software warranty :ECT's 90-day defect-free software warranty applies to all of the software developed at our offshore facility.
  • Productivity : Clients can elect to use a combination of offsite/offshore development model that takes advantage of the time difference between our domestic and our offshore development centers to permit continuous, around-the-clock development.