OurApproach >> Why E Computer Technologies, Inc?

ECT believes and values powerful partnerships. Our valued clients are our only priority to ensure that healthcare and IT technology needs are met with cost effective solutions.

  •  Healthcare Domain Expertise

ECT’s dedication to healthcare enables organizations to constantly track, analyze and assimilate the latest healthcare trends, and put to use best practices with clients, partners and other industry organizations.

  • Cutting-edge Technology Excellence

Our extensive base of technical expertise focuses on emerging technologies to help clients effectively implement innovative solutions. Key areas include Business Intelligence/analytics, cloud computing, mobile OS, and EAI technologies.

  • Long-Term Relationships

Our client relationships are viewed as long-term partnerships. With dedicated healthcare technology professionals managing every client relationship, we deliver greater value to clients by building a deep understanding of their unique business and technology needs. Our dedication to improved efficiency and quality has ensured that ECT has the best infrastructure to match its entire operations. A high degree of scalability in our operations and systems enables us to serve the diverse needs of our clients without significant changes to functionality and performance.