MPS/VMS Solutions

Speed, Quality, Cost and Metrics/Scorecard adherence are components of successful MSP/VMS engagements for staffing companies.

We ECT can provide a cost effective “rapid response” MSP delivery team that keeps local recruiters focused on more profitable and “high touch” client engagements, while having the offshore team work on time sensitive and metrics driven MSP engagements. Staffing companies working within MSP/VMS programs can create cost effective and optimized delivery capabilities with a ECT solution. 

We expect to build a custom MSP for each client. A solution that meets their specific objectives, encapsulates their strategic focus, and aligns with their resource needs. Our approach to achieve a high performing MSP is to ensure the right suppliers are engaged, aligned to the right resource requirements in the right place at the right time.

Software Development

ECT provides high quality consultant services and develops software and implementation options ranging from individual or team-based on-site consulting, to offsite project execution, to offshore development.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing is essential in today's business environment, where information technology is progressing at a relentless pace. Understaffed IT departments are faced with seemingly impossible demands and

IT Training

Training plays a vital role in creating and sustaining reliable resources in the software field and enhances the growth and effectiveness of software professionals. In order to keep in step with the current pace of change

Industry Training

ECT'S industry specific solutions range from staffing, consulting solutions, to customized product development and custom software development services. No matter which specific solution.

  • “ Great people aligned under a common vision can achieve tremendous results ”

    John Smith

  • “ Because ECT isn’t just another online training institute. Its student centric and knowledge focused. ”

    Larry Jane

    Ceo / Founder
  • “ We are process oriented with Integrated management, and have change in technologies which leads to Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results ”

    Quan Ngyen


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